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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  Current  March 15, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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of yourothers. the comical a you are the exact opposite. count down is next!
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>> only a third of national funding comes from all national funding combined and goes to
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planned parenthood non-abortion services. romney weighing in on the choice of his chicago favorite foods. ribs chicago style hotdogs or deep dish pizza? he chose pizza. he's had too many problems already with dogs, especially the family setter who spent 12 hours riding on the roof of the family station wagon in 1983. the washington post reporting the dog on the car roof story still proves to be his critic's best friend. >> i'll be honest with you. the question i had like every other american said what the heck was he thinking putting a dog on the top of the roof. with that said, that is not the center core issue of this campaign. >> not center, but clearly for from peripheral. he 2008 chaired douglas gross noting, it's another one of those things about mitt that
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seems abnormal and raises questions about who he is and whether he's one of us. another romney advisor saying: >> his boss agreeing with that, as well. >> it's going to come down with a question of whether the president knows how to get more jobs in our economy. >> the labor reporting unemployment insurance dropping by 14,000, while newt gingrich came up with a novel explanation why he is not dropping out. >> i want to see if we can't reset this whole race around the idea of really big ideas and really big solutions. >> gingrich explaining why his call for an idea driven campaign is not working. >> candidly, my opponents can't comprehend it. >> rick santorum having problems
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with the u.s. constitution after calling for puerto rico need be to have english as its main language to qualify for state hood. not impressed with santorum's perspective. >> santorum's view is narrow and limiting view of what america's all about. >> mr. romney has his own problem with the latino hispanic vote a poll showing president obama leading by just 56 points. romney campaigning in puerto rico with a spanish radio language ad voiced by his son craig. [ speaking spanish ] >> was romney's call for illegal immigrants to practice self
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deportation. >> also saying and doing president obama on the campaign trail in maryland, here again echo of 2008 as he touted is record on restoring the auto industry. >> those are the cars we need to keep building here in the united states. yes, we can do that. [ cheers and applause ] >> vice president biden campaigning. >> ours is one that values the workers and the success of a business. it values the middle class and the suction of our economy. simply stated, we're about promoting the private sector, they're about protecting the privileged sect tore. >> all this after the aflcio endorsed the president saying:
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>> talk about the economy and the unions in a bid first for a bid on the vote and for dog loves everywhere, the white house reporter from politico. rick santorum first he needs those 23 delegates in puerto rico. yet he goes there and says the law requires puerto rico make english its principle language before the island can be permitted as a tate. it must have been a dream he had. it has no bearing on constitutional law. was it ignorance or some sort of shout out to arch conservatives on the mainland with the one language contention. >> i would vote the latter. the charitable way you that i view this part of the day's events on the gop trail is that he might have been thinking about citizenship tests who
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knows. it's hard to get inside of his head, but certainly the political aspect of what he's saying he's not talking to latinos, he is talking to the base still trying to prove his authenticity. he's trying to get past the hump, over mitt romney and get by him and do whatever he needs to do and say. however, this on top of a fall, a winter of latino discontent with the republican party is not going to help matters very much with that part of the gop electorate. what it does do if you're in the white house is create another opening for you to go back and woo the latino vote to get past some of the harsh things they have said about the obama administration in the last couple of years. >> if this fox news latino poll is correct there's no -- the only wooing left is to try to
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get a vote in the president's favor. it's 70% obama 14% romney and one republican operative told your organization has that number needs oh be down just a little bit closer to 33 for romney to have a chance of winning the election. how can he possibly close that gap and what happens if he doesn't? >> short of something drastic like saying he's going to refund the california purchase, give california back to mexico, it's going to be really hard to do. part of his issue is the right field glory, i don't know if you can call it that of what the gop has done. we talked about that a little bit. but also, one of the things that they see as an ace in the hole is marco rubio. it would give the romney campaign an injection of personality and go a ways towards making amends with the lieu teen know vote.
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he's got to get the nomination first. >> he has a problem with rubio his family coming overturned out to be inaccurate and might be padded, he swam here well before the castro purging on that imprisoned island. i bring this up and everybody thinks i'm over doing it. i just think that if mitt romney is the nominee just from seeing what dave letterman has done with him late to the old memory of shamus, it own campaign saying it makes him seem abnormal and other worldly. what short of bringing the dog back to life can he do? >> paging steven king and pet cream terry. i was working for the boston globe when this story came out
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when romney made his run in 2008. basically, that's exactly how it's been functioning ever since was to show that romney is a very clinical guy a very problem solution oriented person without a lot of sentimentality. that's exactly the point of the story. what's missing however is the fact that the dog had some in intestine ales comfort got taken down from the car hosed off by mitt romney, put back on the car and then had to endure another six hours up the road. there's very little he can do to overcome the short of adopting a pelt or maybe getting a personality transplant, which i don't think is legal. the f.d.a. hasn't approved it. >> or he gets into a car driven by a dog and they strop him to the roof from boston to tornado. michael vick, it's not akin to
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what michael vick did with dog fighting and killing dogs in the preparation of dog fighting, but the way mistreatment of dogs stick to people, this could be extraordinarily important. >> its verile callous. we still don't know what he should do when he gets in office. >> and are dogs safe. joe williams, white house politico reporter covering the white house for politico, thanks joe. >> for more hurdles the president has to overcome in the election campaign, talking about dan white. the news of the day here about unemployment insurance applications, the period ended march 10, down by $14,000, is that another indication that unemployment is less of a knife point about the president and maybe a neutral thing as time
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goes forward? >> i don't know if i'd go that far. it's maybe a slightly blunter knife at this point. unemployment is still guilty high but the trend is very good and often types the trend matters for the president. a lot of times the job market improving, claims down to 151,000 is a good number. the fact that it keeps going down is good employers are hiring, less people working for jobless benefits. it indicates another 200,000 plus job growth in march putting you on a path to get below 8% but perhaps closer to seven. does obama get to 8%, sort of a magic number. i think he's probably going to do that unless he has a crisis unforeseen. now gets to seven or close to it that's a good trend and hopeful. >> suddenly the economy looks like a big plus in his favor if it's seven my goodness.
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the president and vice president were doing two things to do, one of which was to try to take the bail out and sell that and sell the recession of the auto industry. can they succeed? can they turn that into a plus some. >> i think they can in swing states, joe biden talking in ohio about the success of that bailout. obviously mitt romney is on record in opposition to it. i think this is going to be a helpful issue for them certainly in michigan and ohio. if they didn't think it was a plus they wouldn't be hammering it the way they are. for independent voters in ohio or folks that lean right if they got their jobs saved by this bailout and that jeep planted didn't close because of
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it, i think it's a problem for romney to explain why he thinks it is that the auto company shouldn't have gotten a leg up and coming out and thriving as they are how. >> and coming out of this today clearly taking the aflcio and running with that for much more than one would have thought 18 months ago. they endorsed this next question, we're about promoting the private sector, they're about promoting the privileged sect tore, is that the hook? >> i think that's the way they want to do it so as not to scare or independents or be vulnerable to this, they're in the pocket of union bosses kind of argument. they want to say look, we're for a fair deal for people, unions often help provide that. we're happy to have union endorsement. we're going to need support and money gag forward. we're not embarrassed by any of that. it fits into the narrative, mitt romney is with wall street,
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we're for the folks whose jobs were saved in this instance and depend on unions for a lot of support and to keep their jobs safe. i think they're not really afraid of that at this point. you could make the argument earlier you don't want to be in bed with unions. i don't think they care about that anymore it will be a help to them. >> if you want to know whether blaming wall street speculators for the spiraling cost of gas when the report makes that the president made a comment to open researches, why did the report happen? did someoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeoeo brought to you by thermacare heat wraps. it's the only wrap with patented heat cells for up to 16 hours of back pain relief. can your patch say that?
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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>> today the average price of gallon was 30 cents below the highest price of 2008 in the waning months of the bush presidency. there was another rounds of attacks against the president over gas prices, one from a news article republican talking points and a candidate who only seems to speak in talking points. mitt romney was lobbed a softball and drove with it in one of his four cars. >> gas prices are ridiculous, up 30 cents in the past month and americans are paying the price for this. do you hold president obama responsible. >> absolutely. >> sigh. interviewer cannot claim ignorance what was on his channel in 2008. he left the news business to join fox in 2005 so would have heard these comments in 2008 about the president and the price of gas. >> and the facts are as you
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suggested, no president has the power to increase or to lower gas prices. those are market forces. >> yesterday royal hit a record high and politicians cannot do a thing about it. >> it really is tough as president, he really does not have any control what is going to happen with the markets and economy and with oil prices and supply and demand of gasoline, it is out of the president's hands. >> next time you hear a politician say he or she will bring down oil prices, understand it is complete b.s. that's what the candidates should be saying. we need a candidate to be willing to explain dubious associations. >> today the president shot back at the gas policy of drill baby drill as been there done that. >> if you start hearing this drill baby drill drill drill drill, if you start hearing that again, just remember, you've got the facts.
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we're doing that. tell me something new. >> that something new happened at mid-day when reuters suggested the gas supply would unexpectedly grow and those manipulating the market panicked. a response to the report suggested an agreement had been reached for britain and the u.s. to release reserves. >> i can say very clearly that the report suggesting that any kind of an agreement was reached on a course of action with regard to those energy issues, that any agreement was reached with a time table associated with it, that report is false. it is not accurate. >> let's talk gas with the radio host of ring of fire and the majority report. good evening sam. >> good evening keith. >> when the reuters article came out, the crude oil futures dropped by as much as $4 on the british market, $2 a barrel on
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the u.s. market. does this tell us all we need to know about why gas prices are where they are in this country today? >> i think it comes pretty close. we know over the past 10-15 years the amount, the relationship between speculators and those people actually using the commodity of oil has basically flipped. it used to be 30% speculators 70% people actually going to use gas, now it's split 70% speculators and 30% people who are going to be using it. when the price gets on a run you see the speculators come in. this is exactly what's happening. i think there is some genuine crunches on supply, 700 million-barrels that have come off line because of refineries, but i think there's got to be a big percentage and we right field it today in speculators. >> if you're the president of the united states, and you're getting hammered over there and will continue to be hammered and
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clearly your approval rating has been hit and hit by republican candidates that ignore that little collection of thames, why not release something from the strategic reserve and dry the republican talking points. >> it's supposed to be for emergency. right now we're near capacity in the reserves, so releasing some to depress the price it's not unprecedented and probably wouldn't hurt but at least the threat that that could happen definitely helps. at the end of the kay this is actually not just political. this could really hurt the economy. we're still on a slow trajectory hopefully getting better and something like this, a sustained period of gas prices at this point could hurt the economy. >> let me put on my tin foil texaco hat. reuters used to have a reputation for being a little quick on the draw with news
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stories, source stories but not so much anymore not compared to the associated press or other international organizations. they've reearned their trust so a story like this that reports out of nowhere and goes away, suggests somebody is tampering with that market. is it possible that was a shot across the bow of wall street saying you're going to continue to drive the price up with speculation, what if we tap into the reserve the price would suddenly drop $4 a barrel for crude. >> i don't think that's out of bounds. i don't think your tin halt there. >> thank you. >> it makes sense. why not remind the markets that this is something that we may resort to? and it had that effect. it not only was a warning shot, but it actually, the prices went down very slightly, anyways. it's the functional equivalent
8:27 pm
of driving down the highway and someone's tailgating you and you turn on the lights so they back off. >> is it enough because they've never experience said a government that actually stood up to them to scare the speculator to throw this false flag out there. >> i think you could actually institute reforce on the commodities market now. that's a tin foil hat. >> we'll be happy to regulate the future moan with he won't make. >> right that would be something that nobody seems to be speaking about in any sort of polite quarters, i guess. you know, the idea that some of that reserve could be released and you could use your shirt and that's enough of a warning. >> we are the men of texaco, we serve from maine to mexico. >> the rights on women expanding tonight, the intrusive scan
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before abortions in virginia. planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return.
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and i sea food differently.
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>> the 44th president of the united states owes the 19th 19th president of the united states an apology or at least a phone call. first, the sanity break about political assassination. in 44b.c., there was a plot to kill caesar. he was stabbed. witnesses said when caesar recognized brutus he pulled his toga over his head so he wouldn't have to see him. i guess the romans did call march 15 the ides of march meaning the midpoint. while caesar instituted the
8:32 pm
modern calendar. it's pretty clear what was manner 15 would probably be march 14 today so this whole anniversary i'm talking about was yesterday. time marches on. >> we begin with penguins, a few buddies hanging out on a rock wearing their lance armstrong bracelets when one decides it's only big enough for two. down goes chilly willy. that's the way it is. >> we move to cats. i haven't seen a cat this happy since alice in wonderland. after watching dogs on t.v., the cat decided to fetch. she has picked up the whole panting thing. it's cute, but if she starts barking, you might want to get her checked out. time marches on.
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>> the war on women literally 18 years ago congress passed the violence against women act by partisanly. today as it (vo) question: how do you say "500" in italian? stay tuned for the answer. brought to you by the 2012 fiat 500. visit
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8:36 pm
democratic senators urging swift passage of the bill. why is she almost alone on the right? jeff sessions raises the possibility: >> the senator from keebler's elf tree went on: >> janice shaw krauss are purring calling it: >> for all those unconcerned women of america wisconsin state representative donald pridemore co sponsor of a bill citing single parenthood as a cause of child abuse says regardless of domestic violence, couples should study their relationship before parting
8:37 pm
ways: >> joining me now molly thanks for your time tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> is there anything in this version of the violence against women act that was not there in 2005 2000, 1994 that allows for this kind of back lash from the right? >> there actually are several new provisions in here, new funding mechanisms that makes it in the i'd of some conservatives expansion of government. all of these are things that conservatives legitimately feel they can't support but accused of being against violence to women and that's a really tough spot for them to be in especially considering all of the other things we've had recently about contraception about abortion. they're worried that they're heading down this road where
8:38 pm
women will have a really hard time identifying with the republican party. >> what is the election strategy behind the positions you raise? how do they not lose one women's vote for every member they get going to the polls like this? >> the strategy is that they're freaking out behind the scenes about how bad this looks. this is not what they want the election to be about. my republican sources inside the campaigns and brain trust they don't want oh be having this litigation, they don't want to relit the culture wars and 19th century. they want to talk about the economy, whether gas prices or whatever else. there is among some republicans a very real concern that even if they are to act on their sort of sincerely held belief that this law is some over reach they can't do that without being painted anti women. >> obviously senator session he
8:39 pm
is and the national committee have nothing to do with the wisconsin proposed law. it's as if many of these state legislators are hearing these crazy ultrasound tests and all of that, what happened in pennsylvania in the last couple of case, ok, i'm going to propose my crazy ass idea. why go halfway. why not go back to the definition of women as property, or say you know, we really need to repeal that 19th amendment because it would be easier if only men got to vote. >> this is the problem that republicans have been worried about. really since 2010, since the rise of the tea party they've worried about being dragged in by this extreme fringe into issues they don't want to talk about, into a far right wing religion of the culture war making them look unreasonable, like a party of old white men and that's really not the election that they want to have because that is not a winning message for a party in 2012.
8:40 pm
>> how do you back out of, just take one part of it. how do you back out of the ultrasound thing at this late point in the game? >> we did see virginia governor bob mcdonald back out of it and say this is too far, i don't want to go that far. there is an opportunity for some republicans to look reasonable, moderate, to look mainstream by refeud 80ing this segment of the party. we're not seeing any republicans doing it. i talked to a lot of republicans within mitt romney's campaign or comporters of mitt romney so which he would have stood up to mitt romney and took a pass on that issue. >> maybe somebody will figure that out to the good answer to all the problems they've been having. thanks for your time and in sight tonight. >> as always, the forces of goodness prevail not because they are right or smart as because the evil forces are at their core morons. governor of pennsylvania seeking
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the governor of pepsi says if women don't like the invasive examination they want before an abortion, they can
8:44 pm
>> we've had two decades of the remarkably named don't ask don't tell rules of the military, now the fight against women has something equally startling. a state governor offered his advice to women forced to undergo an in vasive ultrasound procedure before terminating pregnancy, don't look. one in 10 states pushing to require ultrasound so the woman can see the fetus's heartbeat. the woman's right to know act is a measure to shame women. pennsylvania governor supports this and supported it publicly and then publicly shot himself in the foot with the following remark. >> make anybody watch? ok. you just have to close your eyes. but as long as it's on the exterior, and not interior.
8:45 pm
>> raised questions about his knowledge of the bill, the law requiring the doctor to view the ultrasound and take home copies of the results. >> a state republican playing with the lives of every measure involved would shield doctors from being sued if they withhold information from pregnant women about potential birth defects. that potentially threatens the life of both the mother and child. >> a bill forcing women to show proof to their employers if they are using birth control and covered by the employer's insurance plan that they are using it for health reasons. in the past, the employer would have the right to deny birth control coverage or fire a woman
8:46 pm
that it is not used for birth control purpose. congressman, good to talk to you again. >> great to be with you keith thank you. i can't recall hearing anything as amazing as the governor said, i think rush limbaugh would have been embarrassed by that. >> it's pretty tough to make rush limbaugh blush. this is another outrageous assault on women. there is a war on women across the country, and unfortunately here in pennsylvania. here you have basically mandating women going through a legal procedure, making them get basically an invasive and unnecessary procedure just to get a government permission slip to do what they're legally able to do. it's wrong. i'm demanding that our governor apologize to every woman in pennsylvania.
8:47 pm
that's how egregious this is. >> does this not suggest he what's in the bill no how could a woman close her eyes unless she closes them and keeps them clothes for his term in office when the bill calls for the woman to view this invasive ultra sound and take home a print and copy of the results? >> as you say keith the bill mandates that the women have to face the field of vision that the screen is to be in their field of vision. i mean, keith what could be more demeaning to women to force them to do this? this is the united states of america. i took an oath to support and defend the constitution as an army officer as u.s. congressman and it will be my job as attorney general to make sure we protect against these
8:48 pm
challenges. this is so undishonest r. constitutional on its face, i it. >> women who go through this it's traumatic as it is and most of the women who have this, the conservatives people who are against this choice, always sort of present the women as the people who just don't care about life and they just do this so off handledly and how could they destroy, this stays with people, women who are even comfortable with the process for the rest of their life and to add these other shaming elements to it really translates from simply some sort of attempt to push back against what they see as raging liberalism, is borderline abuse of 51% of the population. how is the possible that this has gotten so much traction in this country at this lately date? >> it's an abuse of power and it is really a right wing agenda across this country and here in
8:49 pm
our great state of pennsylvania. we need to fight like hell to make sure this bill does not become law. website, i'm asking people to sign a petition to make sure that their voices are heard across this country because we need to make sure that the people in harrisburg including our governor get it, because they clearly don't get it right now. they have a right wing agenda, and they have declared war on women. it is just absolutely wrong. these are incident mat and very, very personal decisions that women have to make. there is no place for the government to be involved in them especially not to be involved, but ask them to go through all these unnecessary invasive and demeaning procedures. it's unbelievable. >> on the premise of religious freedom. how about if you want the religious freedom not to be
8:50 pm
involved? how about the advice for that to close your eyes. >> sure he got into office with the ultimate back room deal that would sentence southern blacks to 90 years of jim crow, but president hayes did not deserve what he
8:51 pm
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hey don't worry, e-trade's got a totally new investing dashboard. everything's on one page. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him. [ male announcer ] try the new 360 investing dashboard at e-trade. >> as with everything this president has of said, somebody is taken issue with his remarks about energy pose, but this time, they're right and he's wrong. remember one story, while this is a far cry from sarah palin's explanation of paul reveres midnight right historians are calling out president obama including the dissing of one of his long ago predecessors. the president poked ignorance at one former republican president
8:53 pm
motte the one you might be thinking. >> one of move predecessors, ruther ford b. hayes reportedly said about the telephone it's a great invention but who would ever want to use one? >> it's funny but not accurate. according to curate oar this is often attributed to him. he was one of the first americans to use the telephone and on record having commented that he thought the telephone was wonderful. the president unfortunately was not done. in an families to further emphasize his point he compared these same backward politicians of today to the people in christopher columbus's time. >> if some of these folks were around when columbus set sail, they must have been founding
8:54 pm
members of the flat earth society. they would not have believed that the world was round. [ applause ] >> that statement too drew the ire of history buffs some quick to site: >> joining me now comedian christian finn you igan. >> you're wearing a bowtie, you must be smart. those people are idiots, this is a president and a former college professor and he just dumped all over rutherford b. hayes for no reason. >> maybe or maybe throwing a
8:55 pm
bone to the rutherford b hayes presidential center. it's like christmas, new year's eve and stephanie schriock sunday all rolled up in one. it's probably like the scene in ghost busters, we got one! >> is nan really the right arbiter here? i have to imagine that the center is probably in the bag for rutherford b. hayes yeah, president hayes, total moron. >> if you want to go after him there's plenty to go after him about. he was the beneficiary in the most corrupted election in our history in 1876 and certainly the beneficiary of the deal following that election. the republicans got the white house, the democrats got troops even out of the south leading to 90 years of jim crow in the south. you know, there's a lot to talk about here if you want to bash
8:56 pm
rutherford b. hayes you don't dump on him for something he did not say on the phone. i don't buy it. >> the thing that i was bothered by the most by what president obama said is that the reason he's not on mount rushmore. who knew it was that simple. if he had shown the vision to call his local drug store to ask if they had prince albert in a plan. >> cult my pants a little looser around my -- and then he has some colorful language. maybe lyndon johnson needs to be up there for using the phone. between the flat earth stuff i'm not saying the president doesn't know this, he doesn't write everything he says, but is the white house getting its history off wikipedia. >> i would be thrilled if they used wikipedia.
8:57 pm
i'm thrilled when people get information that doesn't come via hash tag. he wasn't saying that people in columbus' day aren't saying that the earth was flat. he is saying these politicians would say the earth is flat. has rick santorum come out publicly on where he stands on sphericity. >> christopher columbus brought undocumented immigrants to this country. i think the republicans could roll with that and pin this one on obama. >> have we seen the birth certificates from the daughters of the american revolution? i don't think so. >> or for columbus. i mean, he wasn't spanish. ok. appearing tonight in san diego thanks for your time tonight sir. >> thank you keith. >> that's "countdown," congratulations on getting through another day of
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